Goose Attack??

My best friend and I were almost attacked by geese today. We were at a little pond and this pond is where ducks and geese go to hangout. A lady was feeding them bread and we didn’t think about moving, which meant that the ducks got mad we didn’t have any food for them.

We were sitting right in-front of the pond and all of the sudden those two geese(in the picture above) decided to get really close to us. We at first began to think they were just coming up to us; before the lady came they would come up to us and play around.

But then all of the sudden the goose on the right started squealing and I think it was mad I look a picture. We then stood up but the goose acted like it was going to attack us. It opened it wings to scare us and the kids who were at the playground. The lady who gave them the bread was somewhat laughing at us.

What a great experience.


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