Looking for Alaska, my finishing thoughts (Warning SPOILERS)

Oh my gosh I have absolutely no words. Well I do have words but essentially I don’t exactly know how to phrase what I’m thinking. I knew how the ending was somewhat going to turn out but a large part of me was rejecting the ending.

Pudge is an amazing character first of all. I love how John Green made him be optimistic, stubborn, yet fun and kind of a follower. Pudge reminded me of the stereotypical 16 year old boy who is super horny and will kiss any girl who he finds attractive.

While Pudge only kissed two girls the whole book, he truly loved Alaska and was leading on Lara. I think Pudge felt an obligation to love Lara because Alaska told him to. However, Alaska was kinda fighting with herself the whole novel.

What I mean by this is she was constantly wanting approval from others and her relationship with her boyfriend Jake, which by itself was super odd. Alaska was looking for a boy who would take care of her more than her current boyfriend but yet she seemed to be quite scared.

Colonel also seemed to like Alaska, and the same goes with Takumi who I honestly don’t like. He almost seems like the antagonist in the book. For example, he saw Alaska leave that night and he didn’t do anything about it. But also he told Pudge that the kiss Alaska and Pudge shared wasn’t special. Colonel said the same thing how Alaska kisses lots of boys and a joke throughout the book was about Alaska loving sex.

Colonel and Takumi must have been jealous for how Alaska felt about Pudge but deep down I feel like they understood Alaska and Pudge were a lot alike. This relates to their love for books and quotes by authors but also the amount of fun they had around each other.

The ending honestly saddened me, I didn’t want Alaska’s death to be true and I wanted her and Pudge to be together. But I understand why John Green made the book this way. The last half was the group of friends truly finding themselves and solving the mystery of why Alaska left that night drunk and how she died.

The last few pages of the novel were truly brilliant. Pudge’s religions essay for his final had the prompt, “How will you — you personally–ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering? Apply this to Alaska’s question. Then the last pages are Pudge responding to the question.

This novel was one of my favorite books I have read, I read it in two sittings, I could have in one but that’s not healthy. I couldn’t put the book down. I would feel like I had to drink some water or go to the bathroom but I just kept reading. Cheers to Green for being an amazing writer.

Leave me your thoughts below if you’ve read this novel yet or not. Tell me your thoughts.

I will be watching the Hulu series and I thought it could be fun to review each episode of how it relates to the actual novel and my thoughts.

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