Looking for Alaska Tv Show Ep. 1 Review

Wow, wow and wow, a whole hours worth of intense, never taking my eye off the screen watching. This first episode was so amazing.

Not going to lie but every-time I read a book and see there’s a movie or tv show I’m usually thinking oh gosh this will be awful. However this is not the case. The way this first episode was portrayed was essentially straight on.

There wasn’t very many differences between the novel and the first episode, except the beginning of the novel shows Alaska’s crash. The only thing that bothered me was because I read the book first, I imagined each of the characters looking different. But I’m okay with how they look and I think each actor and actress does very well.

I don’t really enjoy Pudge’s parents though, not exactly what I expected, I was kinda hoping for more fun and upbeat but I understand where the casters were coming from.

There’s not much to say about this first episode. Although a big difference was when Pudge got thrown in the lake, I believe in the novel he was duck taped but in the show he was wrapped with this material. I can’t fully remember though.

Another thing that was added in was showing Alaska before they all moved in. The book only talks about Pudge but the show focuses on Alaska picking up wine and flirting with the seller to try to make her seem 27 or 28. This being added in was super great.

Alaska’s roommate was also shown at the beginning with them both being in the car going to get alcohol and then her roommate telling her not to come back tonight because her and her boyfriend are going to have sex. The show also shows them getting kicked out for getting caught having sex, smoking weed and being drunk. However, someone did report them, which is revealed later.

I’ll post about the next episode at the same time Tuesday, 9 AM PST. My goal is to post Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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