Looking for Alaska (ep. 2)

Hello friends,

I’m reviewing and comparing Looking for Alaska Hulu series episode 2 to the looking for Alaska book.

This episode is quite forgettable in my opinion. I actually watched it about four days prior to me writing this and can barely remember anything. Time for me to rewatch this episode.

This episode focused mostly on pranks against the weekday warriors. They placed bricks in front of their door, put hair dye in their shampoo bottles, and then the prank at the country club.

The weekday warriors moved Takumi’s whole bedroom outside, ruined Colonel’s suit for the country club night. These two pranks did not stop Pudge, Alaska, and Takumi to show up at the country club night to prank the weekday warriors.

The country club night was mostly weekday warriors and included their parents, it’s this fancy gathering that rich people go to. Alaska came up with the idea of pranking the weekday warriors that night. This prank included putting somewhat of poison in the weekday warriors smoothie that they drank that morning. Then at the country club, Alaska put some type of wrapping over the toilet seat so when they threw up, it would come right up at them.

At the end of the country club day, Colonel started the fire alarm, this was right after his girlfriends dad wouldn’t let Colonel walk her down the stairs. A minute or so after, Colonel stood up and lit a piece of paper on fire near the fire alarm and the sprinklers went off. This caused everyone in the country club to run out, along with saving Alaska, Pudge and Takumi from getting caught.

Afterwards, Colonel walked back into his room, almost seeming angry but actually super excited. During the sprinklers scene, him and his girlfriend had a cuddle and kissing moment.

Now, focusing on what I thought. I didn’t like this episode. I thought it wasn’t really anything like the book. For example, the Colonel doesn’t even go to the country club and him and his girlfriend break up. Along with Alaska, Pudge, and Takumi didn’t go to the country club.

I thought his episode was sort of messy. I wish it was focused more like the book. It was more dissapointing because the first episode was super good and close to the book and then to see this episode is very sad.

I hope the third episode will be close to the first episode and the book. Next blog post goes up Thursday at 9 AM pst.

One thought on “Looking for Alaska (ep. 2)

  1. I’ve got the book Looking for Alaska (I’m naively assuming by John green), I had no idea there were episodes of it! I think I’d prefer reading the book, especially if you say it’s nothing like it – which i found is so common with book to movie cross overs xx


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