Looking for Alaska Ep. 3

Hello Friends,

I’m back to talk about Episode 3 of Looking for Alaska on Hulu. This episode was very good in my opinion. The episode included Pudge getting a concussion, people talking about how Alaska was the rat, Alaska breaking up with her boyfriend at a party, Colonial and his girlfriend breaking up and the basketball pranks.

This episode was close to what the book was like, except there still was some differences. The differences included Alaska going to the college party and talking to this girl who also loved to read. Alaska told this girl her and Jake would be perfect together and then proceeded to say to let Jake know she said goodbye. This wasn’t included in the book at all. In the book Alaska doesn’t break up with Jake until she dies.

The basketball scenes show Colonial getting kicked out of games for unsportsmanlike behavior. The basketball scene that was focused on the most was when Pudge got a basketball thrown at him because Colonial was saying some bad things to this player. The player essentially grab the basketball and was throwing it at Colonial who ducked and then it hit Pudge.

After this moment Pudge goes outside with Jake and Lara who helped Pudge with his head and then Pudge throws up all over Lara. This was Pudge and Laras first date so this was a little embarrassing for him. However at the same time inside the gym Colonial is getting into a fight with the weekday warriors about Alaska being the snitch. Alaska runs out of the gym and Jake follows her back to her dorm room. Alaska and Jake begin to makeout but then this college friend of his comes in their room and takes them to a college party.

At this college party Alaska gets super drunk and that’s when she talks to the girl after she throws up. While this is happening, Pudge and Lara go to the doctor and the doctor asks Pudge who the pretty lady standing next to him is and he says Alaska but then corrects himself to say Lara.

Another thing happening at this time was Colonial and his girlfriend breaking up. She tells him how she stands up for him but yet Colonial only stands up for Alaska. Colonial still thinks Alaska wasn’t the snitch at this moment. Colonial still sides with Alaska and then of course Sara walks out and they break up. Takumi comes inside the colonials room and tells him Alaska was the snitch and explains what he saw and how he knows. Now the colonial knows and Takumi.

On the way back from the hospitial with Pudge and Lara, they see Alaska at the nearby store and so they pick her up and drive back onto campus where the Eagle is standing waiting. The eagle asks if they’ve seen Alaska and Alaska gets out of the car and walks to the eagle. Alaska goes back to the eagles house where she talks to him about how he wasn’t doing good enough hiding the secret that she tattled. The eagle tells her it was her fault and wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t caught bringing wine onto campus.

Pudge and Lara park and then Lara suggests Pudge walks her back to her room, however, Pudge decides to go look for Alaska. Pudge sees Alaska in the Eagles house but doesn’t think anything of it. Pudge goes back to his room and talks to Colonial for a bit and then takes a nap. Alaska walks back to her room after her conversation with the eagle and her door has the word rat on it, which Colonial put on there after Takumi told him.

That’s how the episode ends. It was very intense and close to how the book interprets it. I will have the episode four review up on Sunday at 9AM. If you would like me to have a different upload schedule please let me know your recommendations down below.

Have a good rest of your day friends 🙂

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