Thank you + Another update

Hello Friends!

I’m here to say thank you to everyone supporting me recently. I’ve just gotten back into blogging not that long ago and I’ve gotten an amount of views I didn’t think I would accomplish. I’m so happy with my poetry and how many people are enjoying what I’m writing.

Recently I’ve been focusing on updating my blog. Currently I’ve updated my about me page and contact me pages which look super good. I’ve also done more research into ways to better my blog like offer something for free so I’m also looking into that as well. I don’t know where this blog will take me and I’m hoping to get brands to work with my eventually but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

Each of you is important to me even though I don’t know most of you or really any of you. You all have so much to live for and I hope my poetry finds you an escape of sorts or really something to compare yourself to.

If you would like to see specific content or specific topics I write about please let me know. I’m going to be getting into painting and want to record my process of painting. I’m looking into Bob Ross paintings and maybe coming up with some of my own. I’m very excited for what this blog will bring me and I hope you’re excited as well.

ALSO twitter account will be made this week! I promise 🙂

Thank you, friends:)

EDIT: My twitter is now live! If you go to the home page you should be able to find it but if not my twitter username is Samanth40247733

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