May favorites – Books

This is something new i'm trying out and it's going to be recommending books to you guys. Some of these books I've finished and others I have not but here we go. Here's three novels to maybe get you reading. The first novel is a poetry book by Cleo Wade. Absolutely stunning and an easy … Continue reading May favorites – Books

Looking for Alaska Ep. 3

Hello Friends, I'm back to talk about Episode 3 of Looking for Alaska on Hulu. This episode was very good in my opinion. The episode included Pudge getting a concussion, people talking about how Alaska was the rat, Alaska breaking up with her boyfriend at a party, Colonial and his girlfriend breaking up and the … Continue reading Looking for Alaska Ep. 3

Looking for Alaska (ep. 2)

Hello friends, I'm reviewing and comparing Looking for Alaska Hulu series episode 2 to the looking for Alaska book. This episode is quite forgettable in my opinion. I actually watched it about four days prior to me writing this and can barely remember anything. Time for me to rewatch this episode. This episode focused mostly … Continue reading Looking for Alaska (ep. 2)

Looking for Alaska Tv Show Ep. 1 Review

Wow, wow and wow, a whole hours worth of intense, never taking my eye off the screen watching. This first episode was so amazing. Not going to lie but every-time I read a book and see there's a movie or tv show I'm usually thinking oh gosh this will be awful. However this is not … Continue reading Looking for Alaska Tv Show Ep. 1 Review

Looking for Alaska, my finishing thoughts (Warning SPOILERS)

Oh my gosh I have absolutely no words. Well I do have words but essentially I don't exactly know how to phrase what I'm thinking. I knew how the ending was somewhat going to turn out but a large part of me was rejecting the ending. Pudge is an amazing character first of all. I … Continue reading Looking for Alaska, my finishing thoughts (Warning SPOILERS)