Isolation Pt. 2

Tired This feeling of tiredness Won’t leave my body Unmotivated Is in my blood Unmotivated is how I feel People expect Organization and work To be done like normal truth is Were all in this odd Crazy time It’s okay to not clean  It’s okay to take self-care days It’s okay to think about what’s … Continue reading Isolation Pt. 2


It’s important to Love yourself and Care for yourself In times of need In times of isolation Take a step back Open your eyes Look in the mirror You’re love and care  Provides comfort to someone During this time Text, call and talk To people who care and love For you Family, friends, coworkers And … Continue reading Isolation

my heart is downing

My mind feels weak My heart is drowning The pain in my head Beating and beating The feeling drowns me My heart is drowning My dreams even more vivid When will you leave me? My past is horish The lies you told Defeating the innocent  To save your devil self I don’t wish death Instead … Continue reading my heart is downing