My experiences living in the dorms

Hello friends 🙂 This past year or half a year I lived in my Universities dorms with a roommate and my boyfriend who lived on the floor above me. This dorm experience for me was not at all what I expected. I go to a University in Washington State and I live around the Seattle … Continue reading My experiences living in the dorms

Isolation Pt. 2

Tired This feeling of tiredness Won’t leave my body Unmotivated Is in my blood Unmotivated is how I feel People expect Organization and work To be done like normal truth is Were all in this odd Crazy time It’s okay to not clean  It’s okay to take self-care days It’s okay to think about what’s … Continue reading Isolation Pt. 2

Small Update!!

Hello friends! I'm here to give you guys an update about what has been going on in my life recently. My twitter account is no longer and I'm working to gain it back. I was very upset at first because I've lost all my followers and content I've posted on it. I'm in the works … Continue reading Small Update!!

Life Update + Opening Up

I want to share something inspiring that happened today during my leadership class. My professor shared and opened up about her past and the struggles that she’s been through. She provided advice and ways to cope with your past experiences. My professor mentioned how important it is to open up with people and that therapists … Continue reading Life Update + Opening Up